(online release april 2017)



Drama, / 10mins / 2017
Adapted from Rainer Werner Fassbinder's The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

Maybe dreams are just meant to stay in our heads when we sleep at night.
— Kitty

She has to struggle for the money, for her dreams, and stand before many things much more powerful than her.
— Paris


As a seasoned stripper undergoes conflicts with her manager at a local strip club in Los Angeles, a guileless seventeen-year-old girl shows up at its doorstep, ready for her first night at work. 



Starring / Celia Ruskin as Kitty, Natalia Bilbao as Paris, Alex Wyrick as Stage Manager

Background Artists / Pandora Spirakis, Natalie El-hai, Francesca Cenzatti, Kathleen Fedorchak, Eleanor Goulden, Aimee Rathle, Amelia Ashley

Writers / Ran Zhang, Cassidy Carroll, Jeremy Bloom, Hyerin Emma Lee

Director / Ran Zhang

Producer / Cassidy Carroll

DP / Jeremy Bloom

Production Sound Recordist / Hyerin Emma Lee, Keanu Yamaoka

Costume Designer / Cléo Charpantier

Make Up / Taylin Shoemaker

Editors & Colorists / Ran Zhang, Cassidy Carroll, Jeremy Bloom, Hyerin Emma Lee

Score Composer / John Rehwald

Stills Photographer / Willie Siau

Special Thanks / Sonja Bertucci, Thomas Slotten, Keanu Yamaoka, Diana Keeler, Occidental College



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Director's Statement

"Poundtown is a class exercise that we took a little farther than expected. What was originally meant to be a small four-person crew screenplay adaptation assignment snowballed into a full-fledged short film production with a cast and crew of almost twenty. The original scene from The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, an intimate seduction between two women, was adapted by our group to the story of a girl on her first night at work in a strip club."

This film explores the relationship between the two characters Paris and Kitty; their dynamic power struggle and exchange based on Hegel's Master-slave dialectic. Paris is a survivor. She is someone who has gone through the trials and tribulations of life yet still retains the spirit of a fighter. She believes in hope and the possibility of change. Unlike Paris, Kitty is a fatalist, believing that notions of change in her future that are within her power to control are futile. She is someone who has given up on her own dreams. The film reaches its apogee when Paris' need of control over Kitty is met by the anagnorisis. 

This film explores notions of false pride, identity, power struggle, and the dichotomy between two divergent characters."

- Ran Zhang


Production Stills